DIY Courses

We offer several short courses that you can complete anytime, anywhere, however it suits you. You can dive into our So What Strategy framework or take a course on a specific topic that is relevant to you.

Clarity First Memberships

Including online modules, live working sessions and a comprehensive library of tools, templates, insights and recordings, our monthly or annual memberships are a fantastic option for professionals wanting to see their ideas get the cut-through they deserve.

Intensive Program

This 3 month program typically runs in March and September each year. The Intensive is a condensed and guided version of our Membership and it will see you work through our Core Curriculum modules supported by 6 live sessions with Davina that will help you put the theory into action. This program includes full access to the Clarity First Membership site for 3 months.

The So What Strategy

The So What Strategy introduces classic storylines that answer one of the most uncomfortable questions in business. The last thing you want to be asked at the end of a 40 minute presentation to the executive is “So, what?'. If you don't answer this question well all of your work can be for nothing. We offer the seven most commonly used communication patterns we see being used in business to help you avoid that question.