Clarity Hub lifts your ability to engage decision makers

Would you like to engage senior leaders better?

Are you tired of your executive reworking your papers and presentations without understanding why they do that?

What if you could 'message' your communication so powerfully that your papers and presentations were routinely approved without adjustment?

Clarity Hub offers a treasure trove of exercises and activities to help you elevate the quality of conversations you have with your decision makers. 

Members enjoy taking regular, small steps to lift their skills by accessing opportunities to ...

Learn  ...

  1. Monthly Masterclasses on practical issues
  2. Weekly 'how to' emails tackling live issues emerging from my coaching work with senior folk across Australia, the US and Europe
  3. Topical bundles such as career management and engaging boards

Practice ...

  1. Exercises addressing key communication challenges 
  2. The Pattern Picker which helps you decide how to structure your message
  3. Templates and tools to help you clarify and convey complex ideas

Relate the ideas to your own setting ...

  1. Case studies organised by professions such as Finance, IT, HR and more
  2. Case studies highlighting specific communication challenges such as structuring your message, dealing with the 'background section', and more 

There is nothing stopping you bingeing on the material to rocket your own performance ;)

Clarity Hub

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